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Un nuevo fondo documental, e fotocopia, procedente de Manila, incorporado al Archivo Provincial

About 4 or 5 years ago, a collection of books arrived in Valladolid from Manila. They held photocopies of the Manila archive. There are 108 volumes, 7 of which are duplicates. Not all photocopies are of good quality. Amongst them photocopies of Augustinian Priors, church issues in general in the eighteenth centrury.. The archive documents up to 1935. The author mafde a detailed list of documents contained by the volumes, so that they are available for use by researchers.

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Function Name Order Title Birthdate Death Alias
Author Carlos Alonso Vañes OSA - 1930 - -


Name Year Vol. Nr Tome Pp. Place Info
Archivo Agustiniano 2011 95 213 - Pp. 461-463 - -


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Geographical order > Asia > Philippines > Manila
Contents > Augustinians (OESA/OSA) > Archives