About the bibliography

A young Augustinian Father, Norbertus Teeuwen OSA (1910-1973), thought it was a pity and a shame that so little research had been made on the history of the Order, although many sources were available in various Augustinian libraries and archives. His interest in this topic resulted in the stencilling of Augustiniana, a journal he published with the help of his family in the 1940's.

In the second year of Augustiniana (in 1952), Norbertus Teeuwen OSA began the publication of the Bibliography of the History of the Augustinian Order since 1945.

Following his death in 1973, Albéric de Meijer OSA and Martijn Schrama OSA continued the work between 1974 and 1981. On the 25th anniversary of the review Augustiniana (1976), both authors revised and extended the bibliography under the title Bibliographie Historique de l'Ordre de Saint-Augustin. In 1981 both authors published the next volume of the bibliography in Augustiniana. In the following years, the work was continued by Albéric de Meijer.