Curiculum vitae Alberic de Meijer

albericAlbericus Karel de Meijer was born in Utrecht on the 17th of May 1922. He joined the Augustinian Order in 1943 and was ordained a priest in 1949. He studied paleography, diplomatics and archivistica at the Vatican School for Archivists (1950-1952) and Library Sciences at the Vatican Library (1950-1951).
From 1952 till 1954 he worked in the Augustinian Scientific Library in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). From 1954 till 1960, he was librarian at the International College of Santa Monica in Rome.
He taught history of the Order in the houses of formation in Eindhoven and Witmarsum from 1960 until 1964, and he was archivist of the Dutch Augustinian Province from 1964 until his death. He was secretary of the Province from 1964 until 1978. From 1971 until 1992, he was librarian of the Scientific Library Mariënhage in Eindhoven.
On the 12th December 1983 he became a doctor honoris causa at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of the Villanova University, Villanova (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.).
He published several articles on the Augustinian History, and he also was the editor of the registers of the Prior-General Gregory of Rimini (1357-1358) and Gilles of Viterbo (1506-1518). Since 1974 he was publishing the
Bibliographie Historique de l'Ordre de Saint-Augustin.
The complete works of A. K. de Meijer himself, who died on February the 1st of 2004 in Eindhoven, can be found in
Augustiniana55 (2005), 1-2. This is also the last issue dedicated to the Bibliographie historique de l'Ordre de Saint-Augustin. It contains A.K. de Meijer's very last work on his bibliography before his death. After that the bibliography was not published anymore, though the work is being continued on-line.