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Surviving the Reformation in Ireland (1534-80): Christopher Bodkin, archbishop of Tuam, and Roland Burke, bishop of Clonfert.

'Richard Nangle, theologian and ex-provincial OSA, in 1536 was sent by Henri VIII to become bishop of Clonfert, recommended by George Browne, the first royal archbishop of Dublin. Expulsed in 1538 and succeeded by Roland Burke (de Burgo, appointed by the Pope: 339-341. Bernard O'Higgin, papal bishop of Elphin 1542: 340-41'.

Related Persons

Function Name Order Title Birthdate Death Alias
Author Thomas G. Connors - - - -
Information Bernard O'Higgin OSA bishop - 1563 -
Information Georges Browne OSA bishop - 1556 -
Information Richard Nangle OSA - - >1540 -


Name Year Vol. Nr Tome Pp. Place Info
Sixteenth Century Journal 2001 32 - - 335-355 Kirkville, MO -


Geographical order > Europe > Eire, Ireland