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Medieval manuscripts in British Libraries II: Abbotsford to Keele.

p. 246-7: Cambridge, Pembroke Coll., Ms. 313: Covers and endleaves from manuscripts. "From Ms. 127, three leaves from the first and second books of Digestum novum (s. XIII, 2 cols. 39 lines. (note 5): The five bifolia at beginning and end of Vatican Ottoboni lat. 188 (Aquinas, Sec. Secundae) and the two bifolia at beginning and end of lat. 202 (Aquinas, Prim. Secundae) are from this same Ms. of the New Digest. Ms. 127, Aquinas Quaest. Disputatae, may, therefore, have the same provenance: the Cambridge Austin Friars as lat. 202. The convent was immediately to the north of Pembroke College".

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Published 1976
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