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Margaret of Austria's funerary complex at Brou: conjugal love, political ambition, or personal glory?

'The church of Brou (S. Nicholas of Tolentino) near Bourg-en-Bresse was commissioned by Margaret as a large family mausoleum. Loys van Boghem from Brussels was appointed its architect in 1512, and the structure was consecrated in 1532. Jan van Roome (Jean de Bruxelles) designed the tombs, and Conrad Meit of Worms received the commission to carve the statuary (including the effigies). Includes detailed discussion of the transit of Margaret and her husband Philibert created by Meit, van Roome, and others. The author concludes "at Brou, Margaret monumentally established the presence of the Burgundian imperial house in a region traditionally dominated by French influences through her decision to introduce the Flemish gothic style. In addition, she presents herself, for all eternity, as a woman who was not forced into a marginalized position after her husbands death..." (BHA).

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Author Alexandra Carpino - - - -


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Pennsylvania State University University Park


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Women and art in early modern Europe: patrons, collectors, and connoisseurs, ed. by Cynthia LAWRENCE 1997 - - - 37-52, 5 ill. - -


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