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The register of Richard Fleming, bishop of Lincoln 1420-31, vol. I, ed. by N.H. Bennett.

No. 5: Will of Robert Sheffeld of West Butterwick (4.12.1419): ... Item lego quatuor ordinibus fratrum mendicantium limitantium xxviijs viijd, videlicet cuilibet ordini vjs viijd (sic); No. 6: Will of Margaret, widow of John Byllyngly of Branston (22.1.1420): ... cuilibet ordini fratrum Lincoln' xxd summa vj s viijd; No. 16: Will of John Loveday of Leicester (20.8.1419): ... Item lego cuilibet ordini fratrum Leycester ijs; No. 27: Will of Juliana Lufchild Lincoln (11.2.1420): ... Scriptum Lincoln' die et anno et loco supradictis per manus fr. Thome Everard Augustiniani supprioris Lincoln; No. 29: Will of William Peke of Canwick (29.11.1419): ... Item cuilibet ordini fratrum mendicantium civitatis Lincoln xxd.

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Information Thomas Everard OSA - - 1420 -


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Office of the Society London


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Canterbury and York Society 73 -

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Published 1984
Pages VIII-149


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