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From 'Visita' to Diocese to archdiocese: Jaro's journey with the Augustinian through the years.

'Salog, now Jaro, was an Augustinian foundation. The Augustinian chapter of March 3, 1575 accepted the town and placed it under the prior of Ogtong (Oton). The Augustinian chapter of April 25, 1587, erected Jaro as an independent parish, the fifth to be founded in Iloilo. In 1865 the Augustinians handed it over to the diocese as the first seat of the Episcopal See, although the friars continued to stay there until 1868'. Augustinians who served Jaro (1575-1868): 15-17.

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Author José G. Espinosa Jr - - - -


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Augustinian Legacy 2002 4 - - 7-17 Iloilo -


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