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The tenth Saint Louis Conference on Manuscripts studies (Oct. 14-15, 1983). Abstracts of papers.

P. 173: "J.B. Friedman: 'Richard de Thorpe's Equatorium and the Austin Scriptorium at York'. A handsome pair of York horae fragments, one containing an almanach by Richard de Thorpe OESA, now in the I.J. Pincus collection, Los Angeles, point to a semi-commercial scriptorium at the Augustinian Friar's convent at York. This Ms, along with the Liber Cosmographiae (1408) by John de Foxton, done in the same unusual script, seems to have formed part of the luxury output of this workshop. Richard signs his almanach, but we have additional information about him from the library catalogue of the house, where he was one of the persons in whose presence the catalogue was made in 1372. He also gave scientific and legal books to the house and is described as the donor or possibly writer of an equatorium once owned by the Austins. Either the Pincus MS or possibly a copy of the almanach, now Bodleian Ashmole 210, may be this lost equatorium. As well, the MSS show us the evidence of an hitherto unknown scriptorium".

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