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Via Augustini. Augustine in the later Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation. Essays in honor of Damasus Trapp OSA, ed. by Heiko A. Oberman and Frank A. James III in cooperation with Eric Leland Saak

Contenu: Heiko A. Oberman, Introduction: 1-4; William J. Courtenay, The articles condemned at Oxford Austin Friars in 1315: 5-18; Eric Leland Saak, The "Figurae bibliorum" of Antonius Rampegolus OESA (ca. 1360-1422): 19-39; Walter Simon, Incerti auctoris Sermo de Antichristo. Editio ad fidem codicis: 42-54; Manfred Schulze, "Contra rectam rationem": Gabriel Biel's reading of Gregory of Rimini, versus Gregory: 55-71; Richard Wetzel, Staupitz Augustinianus: An account of the reception of Augustine in his Tübingen Sermons: 72-115; Lothar Graf zu Dohna, Staupitz and Luther: Continuity and breakthrough at the beginning of the Reformation: 116-129; Adolar Zumkeller OSA, The Augustinian theologian Konrad Treger (ca. 1480-1542) and his disputation theses of May 5, 1521: 130-141; David C. Steinmetz, Calvin and the natural knowledge of God: 142-156; Frank A. James III, A late medieval parallel in Reformation thought: "Gemina Praedestinatio" in Gregory of Rimini and Peter Martyr Vermigli: 157-188; Damasus Trapp OSA, Hiltalinger's Augustinian quotations: 189-220; Bibliography of Damasus Trapp (1935-1985): 221-226.

Related Persons

Function Name Order Title Birthdate Death Alias
Author Adolar Zumkeller OSA - 1915 2011 -
Author Damase A. Trapp OSA - 1907 1996 -
Information Antoine Rampegolo OSA - - >1414 Rampegolus
Information Conrad Treger OSA - ±1480 1542 -
Information Grégoire de Rimini OESA prior general ±1300 1358 Gregor von Rimini
Gregorio da Rimini
Gregory of Rimini
Gregorius Ariminensis
Information Jean Hiltalingen de Bâle (Basel) OSA bishop ±1322 1392 Johannes de Basilea
Information Jean Staupitz OSA-OSB - ±1468 1524 -
Information Martin Luther OSA - 1483 1546 Maarten Luther
Martín Lutero


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